Capabilities & Expertise

Technical Expertise

■RF Designs ranging from DC to 3 GHz based on cascade analysis and including LNAs, Synthesizers, RF filters, and high power RF amplifiers

■High speed digital design interface such as high Speed ADCs/DACs to FPGA and multicore DSPs (e.g. TI C6678)

■Wireless protocols implementation such as MIL STD 188-ll0B, P25, Smart Net Smart Zone,

NXDN, Tetra, MDC1200

■Wireless connectivity including ZigBee, Bluetooth, and mesh technologies

■High speed connectivity including PCIe and Ethernet

■FPGA digital signal processing development including digital down converter (DDC) and digital up converter (DUC) for narrowband and wideband applications

■Encoding and decoding algorithms such as C-mex implementations of Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenghem (BCH) codes, Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM) encoders and decoders

■Software and firmware development for various DSP, FPGA, SDR, SOM, ESP32, and microcontroller platforms

Core Competencies

■Spread Spectrum communication Systems

■Wireless Communications systems, WiFi, Wi- MAX, Bluetooth, ZigBee

■Software Define Radio (SDR)

■Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications

■Access Point (AP) Design for PLC

■RF Designs

■Synthesizer Design

■GPS Applications

■High Speed ADC and DAC Design

■FPGA Design

■GUI Design

■Schematic Capture

■PCB Layout

■Applied Digital Signal Processing

■Microcontroller Programming and Design

■C, C++, Visual  C++, and   Java Programming

■LabView Programming