Product Design

MURADG, LLC, offers turn-key solutions from system requirements to market solutions. Our services include:

System concept architecture
Product prototyping
Hardware  design and development
Software  and  firmware development
Testing & QA
Pre-certification and certification support
Engineering and manufacturing documentation
Enclosure Design
Product training
Product support

PCIe Adaptor for C6678 EVM

PCIe Adaptor for Texas Instrument’s C6678 EVM.

The adaptor board includes a SPARTAN-6 FPGA, high speed ADCs, and a clock generator/jitter cleaner.

The adaptor board interfaces with TI C6678 EVM via an AMC B+ connector.

RF Adaptor for PicoZed SDR

RF Adaptor for the PicoZed SDR (70 MHz-6 GHz)

The adaptor includes filter banks for the various public safety bands from 174 MHz to 950 MHz.

The adaptor board has a GNSS disciplined oscillator, ESP32 (WiFi/BLE), power sequencer, and RJ45 connectors.


Smart UVCTM adds-on to IDSS CT-scan conveyor.


Smart UVCTM is a modular UVC system with a programmable smart controller for sanitizing against viruses, bacteria and mold.